Herding with Border Collie Dogs

Lesson of love and loyalty.
An experience to take for life…

In partnership with the Border Collie breeder and trainer, Rick Matias, it is now possible to closely monitor the intelligence and docility of the dogs when grazing the Red Angus calves in the Estancia field.

Bife, one of the dogs that is always present at the presentations, has an inspiring life story and is the current Brazilian champion.

The activity takes place on Sundays with two presentations, one in the morning and another in the afternoon.

Stingless bees

Next to the pool area is the Estância meliponary. As bees are meliponous, that is, they do not have a stinger, the meliponary is open for visitation daily. For a complete experience, on Thursdays and Saturdays at 10:00 am, environmental education with the bees is provided by Mar & Serra Apiário e Meliponário or Bella Mata Meliponário.

Professionals in the area, beekeepers, come to the Estancia to teach an environmental education class about bees, in addition to providing a unique experience through the tasting of honey straight from the hive and the opportunity to closely observe the functioning of a hive. Let's take care of those who provide us with food. Let's take care of the bees.


On Saturday afternoons, together with Costelão at the fire pit, we receive artisan Marcelo Peixoto with the traditional art of cutlery.

The experience ends with the demonstration of the beginning of the knife forging process.
It is possible to purchase exclusive products from the MPeixoto brand.


We offer the opportunity to have contact with the ancient art of falconry. The activity takes place on Saturdays and Wednesdays in the late afternoon. It is possible to meet, observe the flight and take pictures with birds of prey.
The experience is led by biologist and falconer Ubiraci Silva de Moura in partnership with REbio Ambiental.
Through an open conversation, learn about the characteristics, behavior and environmental awareness promoted by this charming art. The activity is suitable for adults and children and is exclusive to guests.



Garantimos uma experiência apaixonante, onde os hóspedes podem sentir toda a docilidade e cumplicidade deste animal símbolo do Rio Grande do Sul. Os cavalos crioulos que participam das cavalgadas, vivem livremente nos campos. O passeio é acompanhado por instrutores. Ao chegar na Estância, consulte e agende seu horário na recepção.

* Children under 9 years old (complimentary), only accompanied by their parents (same horse).

Consulte disponibilidade e valores na recepção.

Atividade indicada para maiores de 13 anos.

– Elevação mínima 44m –

night ride

Venha explorar os sentidos na Cavalgada Noturna da Estância. A cavalgada é realizada o ano inteiro, em noites de lua cheia (até dois dias antes e dois dias após a lua cheia) e céu estrelado e passa por trechos de estrada e campo.

Departure from reception at 22:00
Duration: approx. 2 hours and 15 minutes
Mínimo: 4 cavalos              Máximo: 10 cavalos
Difficulty: difficult.
Depending on the number of people, the ride is accompanied by 1 or 2 instructors.

* Suitable for ages 12+

Consulte disponibilidade e valores na recepção.

Check the full moon dates at the link: https://portal.inmet.gov.br/paginas/luas

CT Guto Freire

Located in front of the Estancia's gates, the Training Center has been in operation since 2009. The purpose of the space is to train Creole Horses to compete in the Golden Brake that takes place every year at Expointer. Since then, many achievements are part of this place. Guto Freire has already been consecrated six times the best rider of the Creole race and four times champion of the Freio de Ouro. As it is a cell of the hotel, it is possible to know, follow and observe the day to day and the training of icons of the Creole race. Prepare a chimarrão and enjoy the ride…


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