Para Família

horse ride

Horseback riding around the tree is part of the resort's recreational activities.
Check the blackboard at reception for the timetable.

It is the ideal ride for the kids who are having their first contact with the horse.
It's a loop, next to the tree where the instructors pull the horse..

Indispensable for those who want to offer their children a different experience and then venture into a longer ride of 45 minutes and 2 hours (reservation required at reception).
This tour for children is included in the accommodation.
The Creole Horses that perform the ride are extremely docile.


The playground is located in the heart of the hotel, close to all accommodations, guaranteeing peace of mind for parents and children's caregivers.

With a slide, seesaw, swing, climbing, bridge and little house, it's the right place for kids to spend hours having fun.

Kid's Space

Located next to the restaurant and next to the reception, Espaço da Gurizada is ideal for children up to 5 years old. The recreationists guarantee a lot of mess and fun in this space full of games, mini playground, ball pool, giant tic-tac-toe, animal sounds…

Pay attention to the recreation schedule on the blackboard at the reception to check the schedule of the cinema that also takes place in this space.


Marshmallow on the Bonfire

On starry nights or late afternoons, every day, the traditional Marshmallow takes place in the campfire on the ground fire. The recreation team prepares the activity and invites everyone to participate. Confirm the hours on the blackboard located at reception and updated daily.


Who doesn't remember fishing in the sanga in the time of piá?
Fishing in the sanga is one of the outdoor activities that the Estancia offers.
The sangha extends over almost the entire field.
After carrying out the fishing, we request that the fish be released back into the sanga.

* To request wands, bait and bucket, go to reception.


A space with a wide variety of games for parents and children to spend hours having fun…

In addition to a complete playground with a ball pit, trampoline and spiral slide, the room has adult and children's foosball, children's pool, aerohockey, adult and children's ping pong, trampoline, button football.

Rain or shine, this space will entertain the kids…


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