Melipon bees

In partnership with the companies Bella Mata and Mar & Serra, the Estância has a meliponary available for guests to visit with more than ten bee hives of different species. As the melipon bee is stingless, it does not pose any kind of risk to humans.

Commoner Doryana (Mirim Doryana):
Small and tame, measuring 3mm. Its annual production does not exceed 500g. They have an enormous capacity to pollinate wild plants, helping to perpetuate native forests. The honey produced is highly appreciated and rich in medicinal properties.

Remote Commoner (Mirim-guaçu):
Small, stingless, shy and docile. Measure up to 7mm. Honey is acidic, tasty, peculiar and has efficient pharmacological properties in the treatment of respiratory diseases. The propolis used to seal the hive is rich in flavonoids, substances that inhibit free radicals and antioxidants.

Fun fact: bees are responsible for 70% of agricultural crops.
No bees, no food. 
Let's take care of our bees...
*Partnership with Mar & Serra.


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