The farm

Contact with the farm animals begins upon entering the Estancia's gates. It is possible to see horses and cows grazing freely in the fields... ducks bathing in the pond... a diversity of birds flying by these pagodas. And, along with the gardens of the Estancia, there is the animal area with rabbits, chickens, sheep, peacocks and pheasants. Every morning, we set aside a time in the recreation schedule to feed some of our little animals.

Upon arrival at the ranch, it is possible to observe the creation of Creole horses that have been present on the farm for many years. Most of these horses are born and grow freely and are the same used in horseback riding. We guarantee a passionate experience, where guests can feel all the docility and complicity of this animal symbol of Rio Grande do Sul.

Wake up to the sound of nature's most beautiful symphony. Because we care about the birds, it is possible to have a very close contact with them. In the gardens of the resort, hummingbirds, canaries, thrushes, clay thrush, swallows…

A farm without chickens is not a complete farm…

A chicken coop for the piazada to be cosy, watching the day-to-day life of another species at the Estancia.

In addition to this contact with the animals, those staying will have the opportunity to wake up with the chickens.

For over 30 years, the farm has continued with its original activity through a system of breeding and rearing Red Angus cattle. On horseback rides and, according to the calendar of the year, it is possible to observe the creation in an authentic way in the fields of the estancia.

The cattle are raised free in the fields, with a typically native diet and management that aims at animal welfare. Considered one of the best meats in the world, it is possible to enjoy it in the gastronomic spaces of the estancia.

Em parceria com as empresas Bella Mata e Mar & Serra, a Estância com um meliponário a disposição dos hóspedes para visitação com mais de dez colmeias de abelhas de espécies diferentes. Como a abelha melípona é sem ferrão, não possui nenhum tipo de risco ao ser humano.

Fun fact: bees are responsible for 70% of agricultural crops.

No bees, no food. 
Let's take care of our bees...
*Partnership with Mar & Serra.

The Estância dam is full of ducks of the most varied species to delight those who appreciate the beauties of nature.
There are four couples between ducks and teals.

Mandarin Duck – Aix galericulata
Carolina Duck – Aix sponsa
Rust Duck – ferruginea tadorna
Canadian Duck – Platyrhynchos Dwarfs

Rabbits are the attraction of the piazada.

It is possible to have direct contact and feed this species that is extremely docile.
Practically every day, through the recreation schedule, it is possible to feed the rabbits.

This beautiful ornamental bird is also part of the animals that make up the Estancia's farm.
Bred together with the peacock couple at Estância, the pheasant couple are charming birds with vibrant colors.

When strolling through the Estancia gardens, be sure to visit the farm animals…

When staying at the Estancia, you can observe the beauty and exuberance of a pair of Indian peacocks, also known as blue peacocks.
The peacock is a beautiful bird native to Asia that delights the eyes. At the top of its tail, which is up to two meters long, has approximately 200 feathers and opens like a fan.

You will be delighted if, while watching the peacock, you are lucky enough to see the show of the open tail…

The sheep of the Estancia are a spectacle apart for those who get lost in our gardens.

Always in need of attention, they are extremely docile and eagerly await the moment when the children will cuddle.


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