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Exclusivity and identity for your event. Realizing that large corporate events have particularities and specific schedules, events with reservations of at least 35 accommodations, we offer the entire structure of the Resort exclusively. That is, during the entire period of the event, we will not receive guests or other events in parallel.

For smaller meetings or events, maximum 22 people, it is possible to do it without having to close the hotel exclusively. For this, it is necessary to respect the gastronomic and activities schedule of the Estancia, considering that the hotel will receive guests in parallel to the event.

We currently have an Events Center (events for approximately 170 people and Sala Invernada (for a maximum of 40 people). In addition to the rooms, we have our own audiovisual equipment, coffee break options, happy hour and contact with big names in nativist music to make the event experience complete and even more special. 

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